How to play 90-ball bingo

How to play 90-ball bingo

January 20, 2022 0 By Bingo Academy

Bingo is a tremendously popular game in the United Kingdom, with the 90-ball version topping the charts in both bingo halls and at online bingo sites.

Nowadays, you can easily play this bingo variant whenever and wherever you want online. From on-the-go bingo on your smartphone to sitting in your own house with a laptop, bingo 90 has become more accessible now than ever before.

However, whether you like to play actual or virtual 90-Ball, the basic concepts remain the same. So, let us show you how to play this traditional bingo game.

How to play 90 ball bingo

90 ball bingo tickets layout

Any newbie bingo player could find 90 ball bingo puzzling at first.

The first thing you should learn before playing this game is how the tickets are laid out. Of course, you’ll be playing online, so the ‘tickets’ will be on your screen and the dauber will be automatic. But the game is played precisely the same as it is in bingo halls, and the tickets will be set out the same.

When you play 90 ball bingo, you are given a ‘strip’ of six tickets that are lined up one on top of the other. A 3×9 ticket contains nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. As a result, there’ll always be the 9 columns, but the strip will have a total of 18 rows (6 tickets times 3 rows gives 18 rows). This is where things become a little more difficult.

To begin with, 90 ball bingo will have all 90 numbers on the strip. However, each row of nine will only have five numbers across, while the first column will have nine numbers, the next seven columns will have ten numbers, and the last column will have eleven numbers. When you add up the numbers across the columns, you’ll notice that there are precisely 90 of them. Although each row will contain exactly five numbers, the columns will have nine, 10, or eleven numbers.

To cut a long story short, a strip has six 3×9 tickets. And there are precisely 90 numbers filled in on the strip, evenly distributed over all six tickets. Understanding the 90-ball bingo strip is only the first step! You can now learn how to play the game on this review below.

Different ways to win

90-Ball Bingo has three winning patterns:

  • One line – The first player that’ll cross off the numbers in a single horizontal line on a ticket wins. This is the game’s first reward.
  • Two lines – The first player that’ll mark off the numbers in two consecutive lines on the ticket wins. A player can win both the one-line and two-line prizes.
  • Full house – The first player that’ll mark off all 15 numbers on a single ticket wins. This is the major reward of the game and the most difficult pattern to finish.

If a player completes all the three winning combination patterns on the ticket, they will win all of the prizes in this game. There’s also a possibility that multiple players will win at the same time. In this case, the players will split the cash prizes.

The term xTG refers to the position of your ticket in a bingo game, for example, 1TG – one number to go and 2TG – two numbers to go.

Some 90-ball bingo games will feature these other ways to win in case you miss out by one or two numbers.

Can you win twice?

In a nutshell, yes. Because bingo is largely a game of chance, it is possible to win many times in a single game. The more numbers called on one ticket, the better your odds of winning. Hence, if you’ve already won on one or two lines, you may only need a few more numbers to win the complete house.

History of 90 ball bingo

You could be shocked to learn that the game of bingo goes back to the 1500s. Yes, it appears insane, yet it is recorded throughout history.

The first specific accounts of bingo are rather foggy, but we do know that in Italy about 1530, a lottery-type game called ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’ was played.

It is uncertain if this employed a 90-ball system in particular, but we do know that there were rumours of a similar Lotto-type game named ‘Le Lotto’ in France years later in 1778.

This version of the game required participants to check out numbers ranging from 1 to 90 in some way. And the 90-ball bingo game was established as a result.

90 ball bingo is the traditional UK bingo game

In the UK, 90-ball bingo is considered the classic style of bingo. It is one of the oldest and most traditional types of bingo played in the United Kingdom. It was first introduced into bingo halls in the 1960s. It’s also frequently played across the world in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Even with other variants like 80 ball, 75 ball, and the newer 30 ball bingo, it’s still the most popular bingo option among the Brits.


If you enjoy traditional bingo games, you will enjoy 90-ball bingo. It’s the most popular option in the UK, so it’ll be offered on almost every online bingo site and at bingo halls around the country.

Some players love it because it provides you up to three opportunities to win in each game. Plus, it’s a game that develops in excitement and suspense as it proceeds, adding to the thrill.

90-ball bingo is also ideal for newcomers to the bingo world. This is since you are most likely to be offered the opportunity to play free 90-ball version bingo of games when signing up. As a result, users have an excellent opportunity to practice and refine their online bingo abilities before placing a cash payment on the site.

When all the three winning pattern combinations have been claimed, then the game is over and a new one starts. If you’ve made sure to buy tickets, that is. This is all done for you in an online bingo game, and the computer will immediately register if you’ve won, rewarding your account with the prize.