bingo Academy

@ the Kitty Hawk

Eat. Drink. Bingo.

Selected Fridays and Saturdays until 15th December

Bingo was once Britain’s favourite pastime. It was huge. It was a social experience that brought people together. It was a place where people actually enjoyed themselves. But corporate greed slowly turned bingo into a serious business and these days bingo halls are mostly dour places where talking is frowned upon and newcomers feel like outcasts.

The Bingo Academy is here to help turn the tide and restore bingo to it’s former glory. The latest run of Bingo Academy events are taking place at The Kitty Hawk in EC2. They’ve converted the basement restaurant of this swanky eatery into a high-end bingo training den.

At the Bingo Academy you can eat and drink the night away whilst being guided through the various types of bingo you may face in the world (i.e. American vs British bingo). Numbers will be dabbed. Winners will be crowned. Slightly ridiculous prizes will be won.

If you like eating, drinking and playing games then Bingo Academy @ The Kitty Hawk might be the place for you.

Selected Fridays and Saturdays until 15th December. Tickets cost £16 online. Limited Earlybird tickets for each event start at £10. Tickets, dates and info from