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We're going east

new venue. new DATES.

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BIngo Academy GOES EAST


We're doing a run of shows in a luxury bingo basement in the City of London (swanky). It's high-end swanky Bingo Academy for those who like their bingo training to be a bit more up-scale, but still intense and megalols obviously. The venue is the basement of The Kitty Hawk (EC2). 2 mins from Moorgate tube, 10 mins walk from Old Street Station. 

If there are no current dates that work sign up to the mailing list for new dates announcements.

The ticket price covers your bingo book for all games of bingo in the evening.

If you want to hire Bingo Academy at The Kitty Hawk for a private event please contact We can fit up to 170 people. 



It's obvious to anyone who's played it that bingo is a phenomenal game. But, strangely, many young people still don't see bingo as their number one pastime. The most likely reason for this is that young people in Britain today are ashamed that they lack the basic skills necessary to survive in the challenging world of modern bingo. 

Traditional bingo halls can be intimidating places. Skill levels are high. Novice players who aren’t familiar with the complex rules often feel intimidated. The mission of the Bingo Academy is to equip a new generation of players with the skills to compete not just in traditional bingo environments but also all the "new-wave" bingo experiences popping up across the country. Bingo is changing. Don't get left behind.

At our academies you'll learn the complex rules of bingo, practice advanced dabbing techniques and be shown how to win prizes in an enthusiastic but humble manner, before competing in a series of actual real-life bingo games - all in a friendly, relaxed and social setting. If you enjoy drinking drinks, eating food, developing key life skills, and playing enjoyable games, then the Bingo Academy might be the place for you.

Once mastered, there are few games that can match bingo for the deep sense of personal fulfilment and strong social bonding it brings. But developing the skills to participate in a meaningful way is the first hurdle. 

If bingo dies, Britain will lose its heart. You owe it to yourself to become the best bingo player you can be. You owe it to Britain. Learn bingo. Save bingo. And together we can Make Bingo Great Again!



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